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Musicians looking for both audio quality and open values will find here the best solution for releasing their music.
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Mastering gear

Why Open mastering

because you want your music to reach your fans

I know your struggle

So you just finished mixing your album, your EP or your next single? And you're unsure about what to do next?

I know your situation, I'll guide you through the music release jungle.

Handmade & open

You want your music being well taken care of. I offer audio mastering on a linux system because I believe in Open Source being the right choice for both quality and ethics.

And you get a real human being taking care of your release.

All the buzzwords

But none of the hassle.

M/S processing, linear phase, glueing the mix, LUFS, loudness target, ISRC, etc. I'll take care of it for you; meanwhile, you can concentrate on making great art

Don't just believe the internet

try me first

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It's free and as easy as it gets. Contact me, I'll give you a link where you can safely upload your file. I'll send it back to you mastered.

Free mastering sample

If you're happy with the result

Upload your files, I'll take over the rest.

You get an all inclusive package with High-Res lossless files (*.wav and *.flac), a DDP image for pressing those CD and even an *.mp3 version for sharing on your phone.

Release your music

You want to be listened to, you want people sharing and caring for your music? I can help you navigate the wild seas of the internet-age music industry.